Inspirational floral quotes

In these hard times, I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced some levels of anxiety whether it be worried about family members or friends or worried about mental health,  I’ve found myself scrolling though endless pictures of things that lift my spirits. With the dreaded covid and horrid things that happen in our world I thought it would be quite nice to share some of my favourite quotes.
To keep looking forward and believing is really important right now. It feels as if we are all stuck in the same place but yet time still passes and before we know it we’re a year down the line.
If there is one thing to take from such dark scary times is that health is wealth. Appreciate the little things and take joy in the things that warm your soul.
Start a project, take up new hobbies. We’re all very good at believing there isn’t enough time in the day when really all you have to do is make time. Another one of my favourite quotes, “all the flowers of all the tomorrows, are in the seeds of today".
This leads me onto my next favourite quote. We so often believe our jumbled brains are riddled with life pressures and problems we can’t fix. Sleeping in late?simple, set your alarm and start your day earlier. 
feeling out of control with daily tasks? I always find a day of tidying and de-cluttering can always set me back onto the straight and narrow. Not a better feeling than feeling like you’ve accomplished a load of washing or a run round with the hoover. 
Add pretty aesthetics, a candle or some fairy lights. Setting a warm cosy atmosphere for those dull drearily wet days can bring a sense of comfort and cosiness.  

The finale! “Live on Coffee and flowers”, or chocolate. 
I have always loved inspirational quotes, I save them and then print them off. Occasionally flicking through them to help me feel less anxious. We all have our little vices so do what works for you. Remember you can always print these pretty pictures and stage them in your favourite frame or even post them to a friend.