Hello! Thank you for visiting more about us, we love chatting and engaging with people, so we thought we'd write a few words or shall i say paragraphs, to our lovely customers visiting the website.

Come and have a browse, be inspired or just have a nose. If You're anything like Del and i you'll enjoy scrolling through websites finding yourself captivated glancing at beautiful items to enhance your home.

Faux Flower Company Norfolk

We blooming love it!

Fezza & Del aka the twins Adele and Fay (she's 7 minute's older so she can go first) was started I'd say moons ago, well for as long as we can remember we've both had a passion for decorating and staging our homes! It's our thing! Looking back sometimes we got it wrong, sometimes just right but actually is their really a wrong or a right way?

What works for some doesn't work for others but guess what! its your home! your nest!

Make it your happy place and fill your home with whatever you love! We create our own spaces and a home should be filled with memories and love. Make your home bright! Or dark your preference! But above all make it your happy place. Fezza & Del will add a splash of opulence, colour and delight.

All our handmade items are to offer a little something special to people we love in our lives.