A bouquet that lasts a lifetime

Enjoy the luxury of receiving a faux floral arrangement that looks like a real flower bouquet. For those who suffer allergies or simply don’t want to look after real flowers, Fezza & Del faux bouquets are the answer!

Over the years I’ve received many beautiful flowers of which have lasted a mere 3 days maximum due to the heat of my house.

They look amazing when freshly out of the paper and in a clean vase, but soon after the water turns a murky green making them look scruffy and then shortly after they are in the bin.

I’m then left finding an alternative to fill the space with what was once a colourful shrine of foliage and pretty flowers.

This is where Fezza and Del are different. The pretty silk flowers we arrange in our bouquets are so realistic you’d never know they weren’t real.

I never intended to sell the bouquets as frequently as I did but due to popular demand, I found myself making them every day! I tend to follow trends in interior design, what’s up and coming online and like to change the bouquets to follow the seasons.

With so many gifts ideas for different occasions, the only difficult decision you'll have is which beautiful handcrafted bouquet you'll choose.

To add something extra special, all our flowers are scented with beautiful Rose and Amber Spray which we also sell (click here) to add a touch of authenticity to your flowers.

A truly beautiful gift that will last a lifetime. To buy one of our stunning faux bouquets for yourself or as a gift visit our online shop!