Embrace The Classics

I am absolutely loving the simplicity of my new glasses and serving dishes this week.

I always try to be more adventurous when selecting plates and drink glasses. I figured as these sweet green ones from Sainsbury’s are the perfect size for little ones it may reduce the amount of waste in the house.

My girls love to make a huge glass of juice and once finished they pour it all down the sink only to repeat again in the hour.

I don’t tend to splurge on expensive plates either as they are so often chipped being bashed in and out of the dishwasher. I get so many compliments on my hydrangea flower arrangement.

I do like to spruce my kitchen up now and again with colour but this is my favourite and keeps making more of an appearance than others.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and sane. If anything good came from this situation, it is that old friends and family are connected and people are finding new hobbies.

It’s been hard at times but I have enjoyed breaking the mould of a rut I felt like we were falling into of just mundane life.

I feel like I’ve created more memories in this past week with my family than in a year.