Endless Possibilities...

How do you like to style the flowers in your home? In vases on the mantelpiece or in plant pots in the garden?

I believe that our gorgeous faux flowers can be styled in new and unique ways to match the style of your home and your personality! In this blog post, I want to showcase some of my favourite fun and quirky ways I style our flowers.

Learning your ABC’s 

I made these stunning large floral letter arrangements with baby showers and pretty pink nursery’s in mind. These make the perfect gift for any new mother, or even for yourself. The creative process is really fun and simple, just let me know what flowers or colour scheme you’d like to include and let me make a one of a kind decoration for you.

Mirror mirror on the wall…

I love this beautiful blushing floral decoration! Here I have styled it on a mirror however it would look perfect on a door, any mirror or any interior archway!


Flower garlands

When I was designing my eldest daughters room we both knew we wanted something fun and original. Erica has the smallest room in the house but her style is very modern and boho so together we thought of these great green vines and foliage. To make sure this small room was as cosy and lovely as possible we intertwined some fairy lights to sparkle in the evening.

If you’d like any of these beautiful and quirky floral arrangements in your own home, please get in contact.