Four reasons it’s time to reconsider faux flowers…

There’s nothing quite like the having a fresh bouquet of flowers brightening up your home… but what if there was something even better?

Fezza and Del specialise in creating faux flower bouquets which are so realistic you’d never know they weren’t real meaning it’s time reconsider everything you thought you knew about faux flowers…

Beautiful gift wrapping to treat yourself or a loved one.

I love that moment of opening the door to beautifully wrapped bouquet of flowers, which is why I spent so much time handpicking the perfect gift wrapping for Fezza and Del bouquets.

Scented with gorgeous Rose and Amber Spray, hand wrapped in tissue paper and carefully placed in rustic Fezza and Del boxes our bouquets will arrive stylishly and safely anywhere in the UK – making sure the receiver feels extra special.

We also sell our Rose and Amber spray so your bouquet always smells fabulous.

Flowers which are kind to everyone

Everyone should be able to delight in flowers.

Our artificial bouquets mean hay fever and allergy suffers are able to enjoy beautiful flowers in their home which not only hypo-allergenic but will sustain their beauty forever unlike fresh flowers.

All the benefits of a traditional florist, and more

I love to keep up with the latest interior design trends, which is why Fezza and Del do the same!

They are always on top of the latest trends and their bouquets reflect this, ensuring your home always looks modern and stylish.

We also can personalise the gift wrapping and notes so for any occasion whether this is a birthday, wedding or anniversary.

Perfect for any occasion

Flowers have the power to say more than words.

We have a stunning range of bouquets on our website for almost any occasion whether you’re celebrating a new baby, wishing someone happy birthday or sending best wishes you will be sure to find the perfect bouquet.

We also can personalise the gift wrapping and notes so you can send your love with the bouquets.

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